The first step of personalised medicine is personalised nutrition

Get healthy & be aware of your body needs, at the highest level.

Interview with MiNutra inventor and scientist Eric Hilton

Insights into the research, the background and base at Lincoln Science & Innovation Park, UK.


Defining personalised nutrition – from personal preference to personal health. R&D and Manufacturing in UK, Quality and Excellence. Personal and Sharable, with individual recognition and personal mobile app. First personalised nutrition device for your home or gym. Instant Biofeedback and insight on your diet/lifestyle. Personalised supplement formula delivered at the touch of a button.


Improving our Health goes way beyond tracking our movements. It is a complex equation made of essential Vitamins and minerals. Minutra understands how your busy lifestyle impacts your body, by measuring your Vitamins and minerals. Their status positively or negatively changes in response to your lifestyle habits: nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, alcohol, pollution and sun exposure. With Minutra, you can have a healthier lifestyle by finding the right balance that optimises your vitamin levels.

An App for you to control.

It is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your health. It allows you to control orders, changes in lifestyle can change what vitamins you may need. Thinking of starting a family, update the device to include Folic acid, or zinc and magnesium.

An Elegant & Functional Design fitting beautifully in your home.

Minutra has created and constructed a device that is unique, sleek and modern. It comes in different colour shades, all strikingly elegant, from any angle.

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MiNutra Health App
Available form the App Store

The Minutra App is your health guardian. You can live a healthier lifestyle and easy to use. You can measure yourself, and your family at home.

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MiNutra Technical Data

Who you are matters. Physiological metrics like height, weight, age, gender and ethnicity all factor into the equation. These are critical both individually and in combination.

Technical Data

Biochemistry ›

Your blood is dynamic, changing over time with various inputs – from your environment and dietary choices, to your sleep and stress levels.

Habits ›

It goes without saying that how you live your life has a significant impact on your state of wellness. Sleep, stress, dietary preferences and allergies, fitness habits, meditation and supplement regimens are all taken into account by our ‘engine’ prior to generating ultra-personalised recommendations.

Wearable Devices ›

Track your steps, monitor your heart rate during each workout? We’re working on creating even greater integration between the MiNutra platform and a wide range of wearable devices that contain a trove of additional data about your activity level.

Data ›

It’s smart. It is ever changing, just like your body. Our team of scientists, bioinformaticians, and technologists built the powerful ‘engine’ called MiNutra. Leveraging the power of complex computer programming and a group of bright, creative human minds, MiNutra is able to mine vast amounts of biometric and scientific data, preparing it for use by our automated algorithmic engine, and delivered to your personal mobile app.

Piece of mind ›

Provided by cyber security experts, we use a paradigm-shifting product that is GDPR compliant and offers accountability with complete protection. This product is so effective that it has been recognised by insurance underwriters and approved for new, discounted Cyber Security and data-theft protection policies. We host the mobile application on our Cloud platform, is completely secure, with end-to-end encryption. This means that data is protected during processing, in transit and when stored.



The first step of personalised medicine is personalised nutrition